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Getting started

Getting Started In The Gym
The first thing you need to think about is a training regime. Before you start training you need to set some clear goals to hit. It always seems easer to train when you have a realistic target to hit. You should keep a training log to record the progress you are making.
Cardio work and muscle building
First of all you should warm up before you start. I like to stretch for about five minuets then do ten minuets on the rowing machine but you can use what you like. If you are new to the gym you should start off doing more cardio eg.: running, cycling and swimming basically anything to get your hart rate up, also incorporate a light all body workout. You should start of light and slowly work your way up to the heaver stuff. If you are training less than 3 times each weak it might be a good idea to integrate some cardio into your sessions at the end instead of doing it on different days, this way you wont miss out.   Cardiovascular training is an essential part of your training because you can't look fit with out being fit. You should do about 50/50 cardio to weight lifting once you have been going to the gym or training for a while (A few months). Once you are more comfortable in the gym you can start to separate your muscle groups. Allot of people say that you should do your cardio and weights on different days but I like to do my cardio after my weights, say a 40 minute run. Doing this can comprise muscle growth but I am not body builder locking to get massive so this doesn't effect me to much.
Splitting up muscle groupes
Once you have been training for a while you should start so split your muscle groups so you are training different muscles on different days this helps focus on the specific muscle and you will find this a more affective way to train.  for example.: back and biceps on monday, chest and triceps on tuesday, shoulders and traps on wednesday, legs on thursday and then abs on saturday or sunday, and I always like to do a hard abs session on its own and cardio to finish because everyone knows that a killer set of abs is loved by everyone. my next post will be on cutting the abs and getting them shredded so make sure to check it out.