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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Weight Loss and Fat Burning

Burn Fat

We all want to burn more fat for weight loss, body shaping, health and wellbeing or for wearing purposes. Trim that butt, waste that cellulite, smooth those love handles, bust that tummy; its all part of the trim and slight hone and diet movement various us rejoice in.

In this part you will see unequivocally how fat burning works and how to get the finest out of your activity. Also, I'll diagram a few weights circuit frameworks I upgraded to help you burn fat and lose weight--one for unprofessionals and one for fitter tutors.

The Basics of Fat Burning

Power in, power out. The body normally burns a mix of sugar, as glucose, and fat for fuel. What sum of either relies on your physical activity and if, or what you have depleted simply. When you use more vigor than you take in from sustenance and drop, the body burns recovered fat and carbs, then subsequently even protein, to fuel your anticipated activities even furnished that you are not rehearsing

That could be what happens when people starve doubtlessly; the body starts to deplete itself. Relying on your house history--your heredity--and the method you expend and polish to create this power setback, your body would be able to decide on to get traditionalist and drop your metabolic rate to endeavor to keep onto body weight. Some of us seem to have inherited this tendency an option that is more stupendous than others, the beginnings of which might be in the early periods of human growth where 'one excessive or an additional' was give or take the standard.

Glucose, fat and protein. Every last trace of the more in these lines, starvation unfailingly works into the final moments and the body starts to break down its specific tissue for fuel. Safeguarded starch called glycogen is speedily used up, then goes the fat safeguarded under the skin and around the internal organs. Protein in muscle is then broken down to make glucose to keep the brain working and you mindful.

Fat and glucose are the body's
 few crucial vigor starting points. Fat you know well, glucose comes basically from starch supports favor rice and bread and potatoes and protein is supplied prevalently by meat and beans and dairy articles. The amino savage destructive developing blocks of protein sustenances may be adapted over to glucose in emergencies. Your body constantly burns a mix of fat and glucose aside from at very towering intensities, and the level of the fat and glucose in 'the burn' changes with power and time of activity.

Fat burning zone. You may have recognized that in the range of a few wheeler and treadmills at the practice focus have a setting that expresss “fat burning zone”, which recommends a setting for power or speed. The reason behind this is that the body burns a more staggering rate of fat at a moderate pace (or when about 90 instants of drill). The fat burning zone, a level constrain speed zone is primarily an invention, and here is the demonstration.

Allowed that you burn more fat going lazily, you still burn some fat at much snappier speeds or drive. It all meanders down to what measure of strength you debilitate in totality. Case in point, collecting that you investigate rehearsing at a moderate rate that burns 60 percent fat and 40 percent glucose and a higher power or period of time that burns actually 30 percent fat and 70 percent glucose, you might still burn more fat at the higher power.

A normal case. Drill (1) is the slower 60/40 mix and activity (2) is the speedier, 30/70 mix of fat and glucose fuel.

Strolling on a treadmill for 30 instants--180 calories used--108 calories of fat burned

Running on a treadmill for 30 instants--400 calories used--120 calories of fat burned

You are equipped to see from this case that the final effect absolutely is the sum that much essence you devour--and that is the max fat burning measure. The theoretical fat burning zone is mostly a supportive myth.

Weight Training Does it Better--Or Does It?

Muscle burns more fat. Weight teaching is logically suggested as a fat-busting instrument after some bosses express joined muscle burns more power than body fat at rest, so relying on provided that you development more muscle and have a higher muscle to fat proportion than ever, you might as well burn joined vigor and more recovered fat as a result. This is impactful and has been demonstrated in metabolic considers. Then again, the divergences are not that essential; likely less than a few numerous calories for each day for each pound of muscle assembled, for most people.

Does that mean you shouldn’t anxiety over weight educating? Irrefutably not, subsequent to weight enlightening has a noteworthy number of exchange benefits for health and manifestation, not the slightest of which is extra muscle. It's essentially that this inclination has been somewhat displayed and we should get this fat burning thing right in order to development the best equipped provided weight loss and show undertakings.

Getting the afterburn. Confirm, so extra muscle attempts not to outfit that much inclination, but what observing the afterburn? The 'afterburn', or the measure of power you use accompanying you stop rehearsing, has been raised as a vital thinning idea. In the occasion that you could get afterburn, which is emphatically an extra system of truism your metabolism broadens for a few hours or longer when a precise polish, then that could be a reward in light of the way that you burn fat at the same time as the movement and emulating you stop in addition. Will the game ever stop!

In any case, this consideration has newly been reevaluated as well. An article in the Journal of Sports Science reported that paying little mind to some swearing early regards of this effect, the idea has not affirmed to be as profitable as first supposed.

Rehearse scientists call this afterburn effect EPOC, which stands for Excess Post-polish Oxygen Consumption. The makers of that examination maintain that the increased intensities required--more staggering than about 75 percent of most maximum heart rate--are as probable as not past what most plainly people wanting to lose weight can adjust to in stood by movement. So the afterburn playing indicate from lifting weights or running speedy is there, but you should have the limit to keep on with that power, which demonstrates an impressive measure of hard work. No insider realities there, I'm sure.

We moreover ought to distinguish how fuel is used uniquely according to how your body stores are directed. Emulating you do a vigorous or amplified workout, your crimson ooze and muscle glucose might be substantially more level than before you started. Level glucose stores mark the body to burn fat uncommonly. So taking after hard drill that usage a ton of glucose, the body switches to burning fat. This is why all existence utilize is basic, not fat burning amidst rehearse.

Unyieldingness instructing has quite an impressive expansive number of fantastic things pulling out every last trace of the stops that I'm a tremendous fan--broadened robustness, more muscle and body shape, perfect even out and skeletal substance thickness and updated handiness inverse all perspectives of human growth. In any case wouldn't it be fabulous in the event that we might be legit, we all need heightened-effect or cardio arranging in addition. It has its specific set of discriminating utilitarian benefits joining regular fitness, adaptable conductors, assembled heart and lung technique and simpler course to name a few benefits.

Lifting weights can solidly move us into the uplifted power activity zone above the 75 percent venture would have done well to get some afterburn, but its actually for short impacts. This is not consistent, continuing-state thought and composes a focus not to commonly burn the same product drive as an extraordinary run on the treadmill, cycle or segment machine at moderate pace. For example, here are the vigor expenditure means weights versus cardio for one hour of activity from the NAT Nutritional Analysis Tools net area. I've fabricated this in light of a 150 pound single (in fact under 70 kilograms).

Running at 8 instants a mile pace (5 min/km)--burn 852 calories (kilocalories)

Weight lifting, vigorous, unhindered weights or machines--burn 409 calories (kilocalories)

I’ve endeavored to line the aforementioned actions up for wander so that the relationship is worthwhile. Whenever I check these numbers it puzzles me for the explanation that I run and I lift weights, and all over I feel much fresher when a run than letting the vast canine consume in the rec focus with sub-10 RM (emphasis most utmost) and a few sets of ten activities. Nevertheless, the numbers unfailingly produce same with any reputable existence little-workstation. Kept on with vigorous practice predictably spends about twice the power of weight enlightening in a comparable association. You could see from this why cardio sessions are basic for fat loss.

Might as well I Exercise Before Breakfast to Burn More Fat?

The reaction is 'not imperatively', following allowed that you will burn more fat on a unfilled stomach, when its all declared and done this will possible achieve minor enhancement for the explanation that your existence confirmation and utilize and metabolism alters out, give or take, over the 24-hour period. What all in all matters is your hard and fast constrain permit and depletion, that is, the sum that much you deplete and what measure of you activity and move in no matter how you look at it.

Then again, stay tuned on this in light of the way that until this is shown aid deductively, what sum of dish timing control could oblige with fat loss is not positive. One thing that shows up clear is that people who deplete breakfast uphold weight perfect and lose fat quicker, so don’t skip breakfast.

The Best Strategy for Fat Loss
So where it is safe to say that it is certain that we are at with our fat burning job? Here is a rundown.

Assemble muscle with weight improving. Assistant muscle sways to burn more drive at rest, even if simply a modest. This is called the resting metabolic rate of muscle or RMR. Extra muscle will additionally burn more fat in engaged organize, the powerful metabolic rate hinging on assuming that you such as, or the AMR, so having more muscle will obviously help burn more compel and fat.

Lift heavier weights. What I endorse is that the weights workout should be vigorous, with the number of emphases kept at the level to medium completion of the scale in the midst of 8 and 12 RM. To remind you, the RM is the excess most fabulous, which suggests the most weight you would be able to presumably lift for this number of reps before fatigue. The 8-12 is within a degree that should outfit power and more substantial muscle improvement, which is called hypertrophy.

In the occasion that you go higher than this, express 15 to 20 emphases to a set, or more, you are getting into the degree where you might surely be leaned toward off doing cardio following the benefit for undertaking, the strength burn, is perfect spent running, cycling, strolling or paddling. At that number of redundancies you won’t manufacture much muscle either, so all in all increased-emphasis advancing with weights has slightest regard in my view.

Do heightened-effect movement. Pondering what measure essence you would be able to use in a hour of either sort of movement, weights or cardio, you ought to do some resolute oxygen devouring or cardio work to burn fat.

Try towering-compel cardio. Towering-power activity, even if unequivocally in short impacts, could rev up the metabolism and get that fat gathered in the post-activity period. Do some increased constrain in addition, but don’t overcompensate it, in light of the way that burning the fat is an enduring undertaking and you don’t want to move in the direction of moving toward getting ‘burned out’. A cluster rehearse framework case in point an enduring cycle pivot class might match this essential. In reality, I momentously recommend garner cycle turn classes where you are urged to run snappy, yet with the elective to again off gathering that you might as well.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Six pack exercises vids

Below are some exercise videos to have a look at for getting great six pack abs:

I am now going to show you some fat loss videos:


Below is a break down of the main muscle groups in your mid section. These are the main muscle's to work on.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Best Way To Get Six Pack Abs
Fat burning foods

It seems like everyone now a days is obsessed with the notion of losing weight without a difficult regimen of diet and exercise. In fact, a lot of people are turning towards these as a way to cut down on the calories. While these people will not be able to stop exercising and dieting completely, they will be able to take it down a notch, and as it turns out many of these are good for you also, so dieting almost takes care of its self (almost, not totally).
Incorporating fat burning foods in to your daily diet can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. There are a few pre prepared drinks that reportedly burn fat. These include energy drinks, teas, and even some sodas. These all work by two different methods. The drinks either contain complex ingredients that take more energy to digest than they contain calories, or they contain herbs and spices that are said to boost the metabolism. Tea has been used for many years as a possible contender in the list of fat burning foods. Green tea is often cited as having the most potential. Although it is somewhat unclear as to weather it is the ingredients in the green tea that give benefits, or the green tea as a source of caffeine. This is unfortunately the problem faced with other fat burning foods as well. It is hard to pin down exactly what mechanism is used for fat burning other then the increased heart rate attributed to caffeine, and caffeine like compounds.
Other substances contained in fat burning foods that are believed to increase the metabolism include antioxidants, hot peppers, garlic, and ginger. Interestingly enough three of these ingredients are prominent in most Asian cooking; and as we all know Asians (when eating traditional foods) rarely become obese. The knowledge of antioxidants as an active ingredient in fat burning foods is rather recent and still rather undocumented. Thankfully there are so many benefits to eating foods rich in antioxidants that even if they turn out not to be fat burning foods you will still have received other benefits. Not to mention that fat burning foods rich in antioxidants tend to be quite lean an low in fat, so you will at least be eating a low fat diet (never a bad idea when you want to loose weight). Berries are known to be some of the richest sources of antioxidants out there, and the darker the berry, the more antioxidants. Blueberries, blackberries, and acai berries are some of the most antioxidant rich foods around.
In addition to your metabolism enhancing foods, eating a diet of fat burning foods that burn more calories then they contain is an excellent contribution to a healthy routine of exercise and a balanced diet. Celery, and leafy greens are the two best examples of fat burning foods that contain fewer calories then they burn. This is mostly due to their high fiber content. The body uses more energy passing this fiber through the digestive system than the actual food contains, making high fiber low calorie vegetables excellent fat burning foods.
Rounding out your diet of fat burning foods with a multivitamin is a great idea. The simple fact is that most fat burning foods (while nutritious) do not contain every vitamin and nutrient that you need; and giving your body the nutrients it needs is possibly one of the most important steps for weight loss. Beyond a multivitamin, eating a balanced diet is also important. Definitely eat fat burning foods, but balance them with regular foods also; ensuring your body variety is important for maintaining health, and weigh loss.

In order to successfully manage your weight and body composition you must first realise that food is only fuel, we use it to propel and drive our body to complete the day to day tasks we set it. The amount of energy in which food provides is measured in calories. In order maintain gain or lose weight we need to regulate how many calories we consume on a daily basis. This is dependant on several variables such as age, gender, height, weight, body composition and activity level. The key to managing the intake of your fuel is knowing how much, when and what type you should consume. If you consume too many calories be it good or bad your body will store this as fat.
What’s in your food
In order to get the most out of your diet your first must realise what your food is made up off. Below are detailed explanations of the key nutrients we need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The key is to keep it simple, I have broken down the main nutrients with basic easy to follow information. Protein, Carbohydrates, fats. The normal consumption of these for an average 2000calorie diet are as follows: 
If you are eating a normal diet it should consist of 50% carbohydrate, 25% protein and 25% fat. 
low carb: A low carbohydrate diet can be very effective for losing those hard to shift last few pounds in my past experience. This will consist of 10% carbohydrate, 50%protein and 40% fat .You can also go on a low carb and low fat diet which will be covered in more detail on my other blog:
low fat: A low fat diet can also be effective for weight loss but i find the low carb to work better for me personally. It should consist of 60% carbs, 25% protein and only 15% fat.
Low carb and low fat diets should only be temporary measures for weight loss. The best thing to do in the long run is to have a structured eating regime taking into account all the variables such as lifestyle, weight, age, gender and so on. Ideally you want to be eating 4 or 5 small meals a day but I now it can be hard to find the time for 5 meals when some people struggle to have 3 meals a day. the key is preparation, for example cooking the night before because I know most people don't have the time in the morning before work to start cooking. If you still find it difficult and only manege to have 3 meals a day make sure you are eating the right things and not snacking on junk in-between meals. If you find yourself snacking on junk try to replace this with healthy options like fruit and low calorie meal replacement bars available at shops like Holland & Barot and GNC. At the end of it all as long as you'r not consuming more calories than you need and you are eating healthily you will be able to maintain your health and your figure. 

Fat Loss Tips

Six Pack Abs
Fat Loss Tips
  1. As much as possible avoid eating saturated fats found in foods like crisps, pastry, chocolate and deep fried foods these do nothing to benefit you at all. 
  2. Try to cut out carbs like pasta potato and fruit after 5pm or keep them to a minimum because these can turn into fat when you are sleeping.
  3. Cut out fast food like Mc Donalds, KFC and burger king ect. These foods ate full of saturated fats, preservatives and lots of rubbish your body doesn't need.
  4. Only eat when you are hungry! Don't eat just because it is the time that you usually eat, weight until your body actually needs it.
  5. Eat smaller and more often. This helps your body to no that it is going to have regular food so you don't hold onto fat that could be getting burnt off.
  6. You should make sure you are drinking enough water say 2 - 3 litres a day and more if you sweating allot.
  7.   When you are loosing fat try to make sure you are not loosing any muscle at at the same time because the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn.
  8. Drink green tea and caffeinated drinks these are both really good for fat burning.
  9. Lose fat not weight! When you are loosing fat don't go purely of the scales go on sight as well. A good tip is to take pictures as you go.
  10. Make sure to be patient. Fat does not appear over night and it will not go over night ether so just take your time.
More tips coming soon so make sure to check back in....

Monday, 21 February 2011

Fat Loss

Fat Loss Stomach 
Best Way To Get Six Pack Abs
Belly fat s one of the hardest thing to lose. You will often have good abdominal muscles and even a six pack but it is just covered by a layer of fat. I will give a few tips and pointers to lose that fat and get the ripped abs you have always wanted.
First we can talk about exercise and that you will not get the abs of your dreams without doing this no mater what! To succeed you need to first set your self some realistic goals to hit in the near future because if the goals are to far in the future it will take you a long time to hit them and this can make you less enthusiastic. Chose goals that can be easily monitored like loose 2kg by this time next weak for instance. You then need to decide how often you are going to train and you NEED to get into a regime otherwise you will think 'na cant be bothered with training today I will go tomorrow' but you don't end up going tomorrow. After all this you need to focus on high intensity weights workouts with low rest periods. This will increase fat loss. Having long rest periods will not help you to get a flat stomach it will only increase strength. You also need to focus on high repetitions like 15-25 rather than the usual 8-12 this will also increase heart rate and burn fat as-well as tone the abs. Try to break your abs down into sections when training eg: leg raises for lower abs and Russian twist's to hit the obliques this way all the focus is on the specific part you want to train. Now lets get some cardiovascular training involved. This will Get the heart rate up, increase the metabolism and in turn burn fat (hopefully of the abs!). I like to do interval training, this gets your heart rate in two different stages one to burn fat and one to increase fitness (because you cant look fit without being fit). The fat burning zone is between 30 and 60% intensity, after that you are working on fitness but over all both are essential. 
Make sur to check out my diet page for more great advice.   

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Obliques Not Ribs

Six Packs
When you have ripped abs people often think that your ribcage is poking through when it is usually your obliques. Look at this diagram to see what i mean:   
The three lines of muscle at the side of the abdominals visible in this picture are the obliques. If you are not sure whether you are looking at obliques or ribs you can tell by trying to tense them and if you can then it is your obliques and if you can't it is your ribs. 

Benefits of oblique exercises

* Your oblique muscles (side abdominals) help you bend from the side or twist your torso.
* Strong obliques support the lower back, warding off back pain and posture problems.

* Improved posture, thanks to strong obliques.

* Oblique ab exercises helps slim your waist.

* Strong, conditioned obliques help transfer force or power from one body part to another or body to an external object. Great for sports.

* Conditioned obliques help balance your body. Well developed muscles above & below the abs must be balanced by the strong connecting muscles of the abs, including the obliques.
* The best abdominal exercises, including oblique movements, are thought to condition the internal organs making them more efficient. The internals include the colon & liver.

These are some good exercises for good obliques: