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Monday, 21 February 2011

Fat Loss

Fat Loss Stomach 
Best Way To Get Six Pack Abs
Belly fat s one of the hardest thing to lose. You will often have good abdominal muscles and even a six pack but it is just covered by a layer of fat. I will give a few tips and pointers to lose that fat and get the ripped abs you have always wanted.
First we can talk about exercise and that you will not get the abs of your dreams without doing this no mater what! To succeed you need to first set your self some realistic goals to hit in the near future because if the goals are to far in the future it will take you a long time to hit them and this can make you less enthusiastic. Chose goals that can be easily monitored like loose 2kg by this time next weak for instance. You then need to decide how often you are going to train and you NEED to get into a regime otherwise you will think 'na cant be bothered with training today I will go tomorrow' but you don't end up going tomorrow. After all this you need to focus on high intensity weights workouts with low rest periods. This will increase fat loss. Having long rest periods will not help you to get a flat stomach it will only increase strength. You also need to focus on high repetitions like 15-25 rather than the usual 8-12 this will also increase heart rate and burn fat as-well as tone the abs. Try to break your abs down into sections when training eg: leg raises for lower abs and Russian twist's to hit the obliques this way all the focus is on the specific part you want to train. Now lets get some cardiovascular training involved. This will Get the heart rate up, increase the metabolism and in turn burn fat (hopefully of the abs!). I like to do interval training, this gets your heart rate in two different stages one to burn fat and one to increase fitness (because you cant look fit without being fit). The fat burning zone is between 30 and 60% intensity, after that you are working on fitness but over all both are essential. 
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